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Housing cockerels together over winter

.....does anyone on here do it ?

I usually keep my birds in breed groups (including the cockerel) all year round, then select the best for breeding in the spring and put them into a separate pen.This winter I'm considering taking the cockerels out of all the pens and placing them in one together..... thoughts, tips , advice please.
Dave C

Don't think I could ever give you any advice on chickens Sandra  

But this years mixed birds are all living together in a big hen house on free range, to be honest the birds I have now are table breeds and there pretty docile.
Last year when I had mixed age groups and breeding pens, when I finished breeding I opened each pen on a morning and let them all free range together.
There was a few stand offs with the cockerels but no real fights.
Each breed group seemed to just do there own thing and return to there own house on a night. :

Thanks Dave. I've been watching your table bird project with interest - very impressive.

The way I keep the birds now works and I know they say "if it ain't broke don't fix it" , but I've been reading up on the benefits of keeping the cockerels away from the hens for a period of time. I'm also re thinking my set up and how to progress not sure if to increase my gate egg sales production or bird sales next year.

Siblings that have never been separated can be OK but beware of really heavy rain. The birds get soaked, feathers sodden and then suddenly they cant recognise each other. The established pecking order goes out through the winter and all hell is  let loose.

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