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House contents insurance?

Is it worth it? Moot point. Unless you live in a downstairs flat where upstairs has assorted leaks (baths, central heating, guttering) when you never quite know the damage that may happen. (Well go on then, waddya expect from social housing otherwise known as council or housing association).

It's a bit of a sod deciding what you want to insure as well. More options that a sweetshop shelf. You gotta know what you are asking for to do it online where you can sometimes get savings for filling in the form yourself, submitting it and paying for it online.

At least I have nothing of great value so that cuts down the cost - but if you have items worth over 1500 ....

But at least I got mine down under 100 mark. By some. With a lot of thought, reference to an old policy or three and a lot of decision making like it's only contents that I want and no I don't take everything I own with me on my travels (what travels? - down the allotment?).

It's no market for those who are easily scared though - no wonder so many older folks don't have any.

Too risky to be be without because one day you may just need it. Worst case scenario is probally fire which will include smoke and water damage, possibly throughout the whole property.
Just sit back and work out how much it would cost to replace the lot and don't forget that that would include:
Carpets, Curtains, Clothes, contents of Fridge, Freezer (leccy should be the first that the water should trip), Cupboards etc. then add on the cost of all furniture, white goods, electrical items and on and on.
You'll be well into five figures without blinking an eyelid.
So I think a false economy for something that probally won't happen, 'till it does.

i'm with you on that one Bazzer tho have to agree there are loads of 'extras' that escalate the fees that are marginal and you do have to decide whether or not necessary  also be careful to avoid duplicating between buildings and contents ins

Those extras could be ordinary things that you don't really think about. Add up the cost of your Books, C.D's, D.V.D's.
I'm sure most of us have the odd thing that should be declared as over x. Camera, Grannies Broach and so forth.
My advice is to think very carefully and err on the side of caution.
Big Phil

Its a royal pain in the pocket to pay but such a releif when they pay up.
At the moment we cant afford insurance but soon as we can we having it. As Bazzer rightfully points out its the cummulative cost that counts. The contents of my gun cabinet alone runs into thousandes (dont tell SWMBO), and the CDS / DVDs, two lap tops (even though one is cr*p) etc. If you can afford it get it.

Also, that 50 item ten years ago could now cost 150 to replace. It's amazing how many people with insuarance are grossly under insured.

a sad fact for a guy who worked for OH in previous life..........hugely underinsured and the unthinkable happened...they refused to pay......thankfully my parents were insured when they were flooded and although the ins company were a nightmare to deal with they were covered for everything and they paid up eventually

Like most folk, I really resent paying the premiums, but after that really stupid accident with the food processor I'm glad I was covered.

(I dropped the 'serious' blade straight onto my wrist and bled heavily onto 3 cream carpets on my way to the phone. By the time I returned home 48 hrs later it had dried in. Ins. co. paid up a grand for the carpets after sending an assessor. Who'd have thought that was going to happen - you just don't know what's round the corner.)

I have a house contents insurance and would not be with one. I went though the house adding up the cost of replacements and was quite surprized by how much I was under insured for, so 1st of March I set my insurance up into the next bracket. Costs me about 80 a year, which I don't think is bad for the amount I am insured for.

One thing is as sure as ice is cold, you will not remember all the contents of your house, when all that is left of it is smoldering rubble.

How many of you, have taken photo's of the things covered by your insurance to use as proof of ownership when making a claim?

Er........I hear you say if your house has been burnt to the ground, your photo's have gone as, mine are kept in my bank box.    

Yes- you will be REALLY surprised when you start totting up all those little things you own.

My son's house was burgled when he was at uni. We'd taken out a student insurance cover, but it was as good as a chocolate teaspoon and the bu88ers wriggled out of paying because there wasn't a yale lock on each individual bedroom.

'Read the small print' I hear you say.... they'd never sent the policy document although we'd requested it. Horse owners on here will recognise the co. as Equine and Livestock - this time in their other guise as Entertainment and Leisure. Notorious at finding inventive ways of not paying up. It was organised by OH - shame I didn't do it or I'd have recognised the company from horse related incidents.

Another point learned is to go with a reputable co. or you're wasting your money.

His prized CD collection alone mounted up to hundreds, let alone his leather jacket, ghetto blaster... even the suitcases he'd had for his birthday, used by the barstewards to carry all the stuff away....  

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