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Rick & Carol

House arrest

Poor Mr Blue has had to be separated from his girls as he won't stop humping them. One of them has spent 4 weeks in a separate shed as he's been over enthusiasitic and ripped her side open, she's fully recovered now and re-joined the gang last night. I don't think a saddle would work as he's at it all the time she's never be without it. During the day now he's separated and back with them at feeding and bedtime which means the poor girls have a bit of respite.

He's pacing the fence all day now like a prisoner, I keep expecting to find an accomplice throwing a mobile or packet of fags over to him!!


He's a magnificent looking fellow. We had a similar problem with our turkey cock a few years back. We ended up gifting him to the Acton Scott farm museum.
Dave C

He's quite striking looking lad  

Look out for a pile of soil in the corner of the field.
From the tunnel he is digging when your not looking  

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