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Hot X Buns

Does anyone have a simple recioe for HXB foe the breadmaker please?

Here yer go Innit.

well, I don't bother with the actual cross except to cut a cross in the dough to open it up but the basic buns mixture I use (I have a fair size bread maker) is 400mls water, 450 gms strong white bread flour, 200gms wholemeal flour, 1tspn salt, 2 desertspoons sugar (demerera or soft brown is good) desertspoon butter,  sachet (7g) instant dried yeast (actualy super market own brand is better than the hovis I find) teaspoon cinnimon powder, teaspoon mixed spice, set to dough mode - half way through add a handful of sultanas and a little mixed peel.  when stopped kneading and before th proving shape into buns, prove and bake.  As baking melt 1 tablespoons granulated sugar with two of water.  after 15 mins remove from ove and paint with sugar syrup.  No cross though I am afraid.

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