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jack first

Hot BedsHi

Hi, My name is Jack First and this is my first experience with a forum so I am not sure what to expect. I am retired now having spent my working life in Farming and Horticulture. Some years ago while reading one of my old gardening books I came across a method used by the Romans to produce very early vegetable using Hot Beds. Further research led me to a book called The French Garden in England by C.D McKay published about 1908. Mr Mckay could not understand how vast quantities  of varied produce entered Covent Garden from France from January to April while British produce was in short supply. So Mr Mckay visited and saw for himself how the French achieved these remarkable results. I had a go myself which led to a visit from the Gardeners World team who filmed the Hot Beds. You can see this at How to Build a Hot Bed Episode 7 2012. Also at you tube where you can see The Cellar Trust Hot Beds. This will show how early you can start harvesting. I am happy to discuss any of the finer points with who ever is interested. There are alternatives to manure in creating Hot Beds. All the best Jack.

Welcome to OTG Jack

Sounds interesting!

Is it this?

Welcome Jack  

Hi Jack Frost,

The French also made widespread use of Fruit Walls as far back as the 17th century:

We have a lot to learn from history.

jack first

Thanks for all the greetings. It is the first time I have seen those French walls. Most interesting. Thanks for that.

Gday there Jack great to meet you and very interesting as we now going into winter (not that a lot of you would call ours a winter   ) thanks
jack first

hot beds

Hi Sod,
I travelled in N.Z. back in 77 with my wife for seven months. I would certainly give hot beds ago. One advantage of growing very early produce is that you miss the summer pests. You have plenty of time now to prepare before winter.
All the best.
Pen Y Bryn

Hot Beds

I met Jack two months ago whilst out walking. He gave my wife and I good tips on making the hot beds. Jack also paid us a visit. He gave good advice on pruning old apple trees. I watched Jack on U Tube, this was very informative and a well produced video. I intend to make hot beds before the winter. A big welcome to Jack and his wife. I will be buying his book.

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