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Hot and Cold.

I've recently been given a set of expensive 'Pegler' make  sink taps which we're going to have fitted in the bathroom. They're of a Victorian design and have enamel/plastic hot and cold water buttons fitted on their tops.
Unfortunately one of the buttons has been badly chipped. I've tried the local plumbers merchants for replacements without any joy.
In the end, I've even got in touch with Pegler and today, I've had the replacements delivered but they don't fit and they've cost me an arm and a leg for what they are.
The tops have come with chrome inserts that you have to fit in the top of the tap before clipping in the plastic tops. ( they don't do enamel anymore)
I've been in touch with Pegler and they tell me that my taps must be at least 20 years old and that they don't do that style anymore, nor do they have any old spares.
It would work if I discarded the chrome inserts but then I would have paid close on thirty quid for a couple of plastic buttons that are only worth pence.
I'm now on the look out for some white plastic hot and cold tops for my taps. Can anyone help?
Needless to say the one's that I've had this morning are going home.

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