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Horses let loose

There is a horse farm up the road - I don't think they are breeding anything special, but then I don't know anything about horses.

All I know is that fairly frequently there are horses and little foals wandering about, the older ones [not that big really] wearing bridles [is that the word?] but that's all, and the little foals have nothing on them.

They sometimes appear in the fields behind my home [the horse farm is on the other side of the road, way up the road] but they are never tied to anything.

This morning two beautiful red/gold coloured horses, with white marks down their faces, were just strolling around, with a couple of young foals following them.  

I daren't go near them as I'm frightened of horses, plus they give me the sneezles, but I am so worried that they might be involved in an accident.  Not many cars around but there are big tractors and trucks at times.

Not really sure what to do as I am not sure where the horse place is - and I am not sure if it is my place to go and say hey, some of your horses are loose.

I'm really not sure whether I should interfere at all, but supposing one was involved in an accident?

You should call someone.  An accident with a horse and vehicle is deadly, at least for the horse and perhaps for those in the vehicle.

I'm going to go up the road on my big scooter and see if I can find where this horse farm is.  I would have asked my neighbour but she isn't at home, and the horses are still wandering about.

I really am terrified of horses but can't bear the thought of one being harmed by a tractor or a truck - or for anyone involved.

And the two that are currently wandering around are so beautiful, with the little foals following them.

I have to do it.  Frightened of horses or not, they don't deserve to be put at such risk.

Mares with foals can be really silly.  And foals even more so.  I am glad you are going to try to help them.

Good luck.

Shows how little I know about horses!  I did find where they come from and the guy said Oh, those aren't the mothers, they are just about a year old, and the foals aren't really foals but about six months old.

Well how am I supposed to know?

I got rather cross when he said I was stupid to worry as they knew their way back, but hey, horses wandering about loose are not my idea of being A Good Thing.

Especially not on an agricultural Moshav with some of the big tractors and heavy machinery that is around.  To say nothing of the [thankfully very few] large trucks that use the place as an illegal short cut.

Very rarely we get cows that have gotten loose and wander about, but they are such slow moving animals whereas these horses are very skittish and are quite likely to just rush across the road in front of any passing vehicle.

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