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Horse Show Debut!

Mr Dingbat is going to enter his first show this coming Saturday! It's a big 2 day affair with an open show Saturday and the qualifiers for something or other on the Sunday.

We are going for the Saturday fun classes, they are a few quid cheaper than the regular classes but have a class that is for genuine adult entrants who have never been in a show ring before along side the usual Tack and Turnout and other fun classes like Most Handsome Gelding and Most Appealing Horse.

There are five classes in all he is going in for and the fun classes don't start til noon so a respectable time to get ready in the morning.

Can't take my horse as Pete's granddaughter is borrowing her for pony club camp, her pony keeps rearing up and is becoming quite dangerous.  

Will have lots of piccies!

I shall look forward to the photos - it's a shame that you can't enter your own horse.

look forward to hearing about the day!
Dave C

Good luck  

I was very naughty last night and bought some new cordless clippers! Pete can work ours but I can't get them to work, stupid things! Horses end up with zebra stripes.

...mind you, he did buy a new tractor yesterday that we are picking up tomorrow, so I think a set of cut price clippers are a fair way of balancing things out!


sounds fair deal to me All the best and await the photos.

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