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Horse passports

What a joke!

I've just had the TV burbling away in the corner while I get a few chores done, and my attention was grabbed when horses appeared on Fake Britain. They were talking about stolen horses, fake passports, mis-sold horses etc.

I recall the palaver when we were all obliged to get passports for our neddies, the threats that vets, auction houses, transporters etc. would always need to see said passport.

Here, we had alarm bells ringing when we discovered that there was more than one passport issuing company at the time, but get this.....

there are.....


No wonder I'm getting posts on my facebook page every day about missing horses!

Whoever devised this stupid system need shooting. We paid 75 quid for a worthless piece of paper.

I hear ya! And they also say 'Passport is not proof of ownership...' so that's pretty useless too!

My mare came over from Ireland and passed ownership twice before I bought her. The passport issuers wanted me to pay for those two transfers too, would have cost me a fortune! I refused of course, why should I pay for those who don't bother with such things? So they just did it and I paid the usual transfer fee for me.

Useless system.

As you both have said Passports are no proof of ownership". Like you i regularly see posts on Facebook saying a horse that was loaned out has been sold!

You cant sell a horse without one, nor can you transport one without a passport but yet they dont count for diddly squat in the great scheme of things.

About the only thing they are good for is as a record of vaccinations/microchipping and a way for the Govt to make money everytime a horse/pony is born or sold.

Another Govt system that wasnt thought out!!


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