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Horse gallery

It occured to me I have never put a photo of my best beloved on here. So here she is....

Taken last summer when in donkey mode! We went out today for a lovely ride on the forest and she was as keen as mustard. Good to get out and about again.
Anyone else want to put a photo on of their neddy???
Love Lizzie

Summer photos are cheating Lizzie (She looks sparkling white)
You would not want to see what our horses look like t this time of year

She's lovely!  

These are two of our neds.

Paddy with my eldest daughter at PC area dressage july last year

The end result of turning Holly out without a rug one fine spring day in March

Still havent a photo of Deevie without a rug as yet.


This was a photo I did for a Christmas card a few years ago - and it really is a hat not photoshopped.  Sue

Me and Tia Maria

Ooh Dingers she's pretty!! What a shine on her coat. Looks a very useful sort. Love Lizzie

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