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Horse Cam.

I think that this is a really good idea.

I know those roads around the Conwy valley and they are deadly. They get loads of visiting tourists, some of which, haven't got a clue how to drive safely on them. This is an idea that could and should be adopted nationally. A horse v car contest only has one winner.

Excellent idea - not just on public roads either.

A friend of mine was dragged from her horse by an irate landowner while she was quietly riding on a legitimate bridle path!!

I don't ride any more, but I wonder how riders are coping with those flappy sail type things that seem to be now springing up outside petrol stations  - so many scary things about, and car drivers are unaware of the dangers.

Head cams are a good idea to a certain extent, but until the minorities attitudes change and horse riders are accepted as being a norm on roads, things wont change greatly.

I have been involved in accidents with car drivers (a previous horse left 2 very nice hock sized indentations in the passenger door of a car that was too close when he spooked!) and they will continue to happen to others. Unfortunately alot of car drivers see other road users (regardless of what the are mounted on or in) as something to be got past quick or a delay in their journey!


Head Cams and a few prosecutions might go a way towards  changing those attitudes.

A lot is pure ignorance as Claire says.

On the Clent Hills, outside the pub, the folk asking if little Johnny can stroke the nice horse, were the very same people who nearly killed us on the lane up there!

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