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Hope to go Deer Stalking soon

Just been in conversation with a local gun club with the goal of going out to shoot my first deer.

They require me to complete the LANTRA Basic Rifle course first (which I am fine with) then they will take me out on an accompanied stalk.

Looking forward to this (will post pictures once I have been)  

What kind of deer will you be hunting?

It will depend on what is in season when I go.

The first course is not until June and that is fully booked, so waiting for them to get back to me with some more dates.
Hope it won't be too far away.

Our roe buck season started on the 16th May, but as yet they has not showed himselves, there are plenty of females about so they is here somewhere.

I set up a game camera and have seen them on film several times,  there is a 6 pointer and two smaller bucks.

I'm off out this evening for a look see.

mate get in touch with some info id be intrested in doing this maybe

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