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I could do with some advice as to how to take honeysuckle cuttings and how to grow them on in pots.
Many thanks in advance.

They root really easily, either pull up a piece that has layered or take a cutting from the stem and pop that in a pot.

Not very clear sorry I'm just off to the yard I'll take a couple of photos to explain when I get back.

I use the ' just pull up and shove in a pot method '

I've always found them remarkably easy to propogate too and have used both the methods sandrar suggests  

let nature do the work for you take a long shoot and lay it on the ground cover about a foot with soil and sit back test to see if it as rooted hey presto you have saved 10 to 15 quid on a new plant

Just bought a really healthy honeysuckle myself, and was
wondering the same thing to save money, so thanks for the
great tips  

Glad to hear this!!! I haven't tried yet, as was thinking it probably wasn't very easy and didn't want to torment myself...this is one of my favourite scents!!! The plants are SO pretty!

In the past i have taken a runner that was still growing fed it up through the bottom of a plastic flower pot ,maybe about 4 or 5 inch's sticking out the top of the pot , filled the pot with compost /earth, and just left it to let nature take it's course , then next season cut it of at the bottom of the pot, i used to do a lot then sell them for a few 's . The good bit was that because they were already in the pot and growing when you planted them they never really checked growth wise.

Confused; that is a brilliant idea there. I'm going to give that method a go.

Gareth wrote:
Confused; that is a brilliant idea there. I'm going to give that method a go.

Gareth ,if you have enough length bring more through and get it trained on a cane , this will give you a bigger stronger plant quicker, another wee tip drill/cut the hole in the bottom 25/35 mm easier to feed the stem through and then put a cardboard collar round it before you fill the pot, it will hold the compost but rot away by the time you plant.
I have done this with lots of plants , fruit bushs  are another winner , and an easy money maker for the farm gate sale.

Another string to my bow maybe?

As you know, this year has seen us starting to grow our own wildflowers from seed bought from the internet. Well some of the varieties we've planted have grown fantastically well. So well infact, that its set to me thinking. yes, I know that in itself is a dangerous thing    but when people are already calling in to buy cider, apple juice and eggs, why not try to sell them well grown potted wildflowers? I think its an idea worth considering. The seeds cost next to nothing to buy, some of the seeds grow very easily and I've already got the greenhouse and polytunnel.

Selling wildflowers, could be a USP worth considering and it would fit in well with what we are already doing, what do you think? So far, it certainly looks as though we're going to be big in these next year.

If we were able to master producing around ten suitable annuals, it might be worth a try, what do you think?

I think it's a winner  

That's a great idea.

I've got 400 White Campion seeds to sow today and over the weekend, there are also packets of Marsh Marigold, Ox eye Daisies and Field Scabious to sort out.

We sowed some Wild Garlic under one of our hedges the other week but I'm going to get some more to try and grow in trays. While I'm ordering, I'll also try for Cowslip and Lady Smock. Can you think of any other annual favourites that might look impressive in a pot?

What about Yellow Rattle and stitchwort ,wood anemones and avons

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