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Homemade Wok

I was cleaning up around the barn today and I found some old harrow discs lying on the ground.  Since I'd rather be flogged than tidying things up so I came up with an idea to distract me from the job at hand.

Cut out a small 1.5 x 1.5 square of flat steel and welded it into the axle slot.

Took an old broom handled and some more flat steel and made some handles.

After much grinding to remove rust and a good wiping with olive oil I tempered the wok then gave it a try on the gas stove.  It worked like a charm and has plenty of cooking area.


Great one we have one without handles for our BBQ I probley made it for same reason     Yours is much flasher

Do you like the way it cooks?  I do, I can't wait to use it some more and get it good and seasoned.

That's great BB  

yes they are great more cooking better they get I'm sure but better not let my wife see yours or it will be back out to the shed for me   enjoy if her indoors likes it clean up can be put off for a while  

great idea




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