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Home Remedies

I have an American book here which contains a section of old mountain mens home remedies. These are definately not to be tried at home . Here are some of the more decipherable and humerous ones.

Gargle with tan bark tea made from chesnut leaves.
Smear balm of Gilead salve all over the persons chest.
Gargle with salt water.
The first three are quite tame compared with this final cure. :smt103
To burn out tonsils,paint them several times a day for several months with iodine and turpentine. I think I'd rather stay on the waiting list, don't you ?

SORE THROAT ( These are a scream, Ill never knock the National Health again)

Bake onions in an open fire; then tie them around your throat.
Make a poultice of kerosene, turpentine, and pure lard ( to prevent blistering :smt103 ), and place this on your neck. In five minutes you will be able to taste the kerosene in your throat and the cure will have begun ( If you say so :: ) Then take two or three drops of kerosene oil in a spoon with a pinch of salt and swallow it to complete the treatment.
failing this, the next remedy on the list is this one.
Take a sock you have worn inside a boot and worked in for almost a week so that it has a bad odor. Tie it around your neck.

Who needs BUPA anyway ? The book is packed to the brim with cures for anything and everything. I might just start an OTG open surgery . Perhap people could PM me in strictest confidence with what ever ails them and I could see what the book comes up with :smt046

To wet the appetite even more, a tea made of sheep droppings is recommended as a cure for measles !

Kerosene!!??!!   :smt103 I'll stick with the sage tea thanks.

As for odourous socks...mine can be quite toxic after a long walk ~ I wouldn't put them anywhere near my neck!! :: Mmmmm Odour la Cheese! Niiiiiice!  

Is this in the Foxfire book, Bodger?

Most of those sound like they work because the cure is worse than the disease.  :q28:  :q28:
"Stop complaining about a sore throat, or I'll wrap one of my stinky socks around your neck.  ::  ::"

Yes I'm reading a little bit from it each night before I go to sleep. Its the stuff nightmares are made of. :-)

Just don't believe all you read and you should be ok.  ::

Did you find the part about hog killing useful?

I reckon the NHS should reintroduce Paraffin oil and best brown paper.

Probably a damn site safer than a lot of modern antibiotics and is not MRSA contaminated.

Have heard the sock remedy many times and that's in the UK.

Cure for Warts.
Cut a spud in half and rub over the wart. Bury the half potato and as it rots away, so will the wart.

Stye on eye.
Rub with a gold ring to cure it. I've tried this and it appeared to work.

Remove a Boil.
Heat a small glass in steam, place and hold over boil. As it cools, the vacuum effect causes the boil to explode into the glass. Don't use Nan's fav. G&T glass. :smt103

Bad Chest.
Hot Bread and Brown Paper Poltice.

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