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Home Eye Test for Dogs

Home Eye Test for Dogs ................... is there such a thing?

I am being serious here as both Lois and I think that Oz may be long sighted.

His behaviour indicates that he can see things from about 1 metre away and beyond, but can't make out things right under his nose; especially static none moving objects.

We have tried the moving finger type test on him, but being a collie he has the attention span of ................ well, a collie; if it ain't a ball or toy or moving at great rate of knots he just ain't interested!

Do any of you know of a simple test that we can do at home?  before we have to resort to taking him to the vets and the torrent of essential tests and subsequent bills that a vet will insist upon.

Sorry, I'm just imagining a collie with specs on  

(I'm no help)

We have 1 old girl who is getting eye problems so will try things on all 3 and see if we find anything    

now now Mo  Collie with specs on  

What is having him tested going to acheive?

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