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Home comforts

This is Tilly my Old English Sheepdog. She's clipped out all year round as she doesn't cope with getting too warm (starts to vomit :-? )
She likes to be comfortable and doesn't do any work AT ALL !!!!
Sorry, correction, she's very good at keeping birds and cats off the lawn. :q28:

She's gorgeous

She's lovely - how often do you have to have her clipped?
It's strange that she can't cope with a normal coat.

She's clipped about five or six times a year. We used to have 2 OES before her and neither of them had a problem, they were clipped twice a year as we don't show them and it makes their coats more manageable.She really does seem to suffer, we try to time it so she isn't clipped in the middle of a really cold spell

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