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Hog hunting

Here are a few pictures of one of our hog hunts.  This day was exceptional since everthing came together perfectly.  We sighted some hogs in a field and was lucky enough to get everyone together and we were able to set three strings of dogs on the hogs.  The first string flushed them out of the field and into the woods then we set another string on each flank and pushed them into a kill zone.  Not often do they cooperate like this so this day built a lot of memories.

Here is one of the strings on the left flank.

Here is one of the catch dogs.  Unfortunately he didn't get to see too much action since they made a bee line to the kill zone but he did get a few nibbles in from time to time.  I think he was a bit depressed.

His first pig

This Brit is a friend of mine who came to visit.  He was tickled pink with his kill but I really think he just scared the poor pig to death when he saw him.

Here are a few I chased down and caught.  I was reminded that I ain't as young as I used to be, even the little ones have teeth and I'm not as wise as I need to be.

The take of the day.  We loaded them up and carried them to the barn to butcher them but by the time we got there we had lost all but three of the people who were "supposed to" help us clean them.  I think they must have got lost somewhere between the bar and the barn.

Prepping the night's stew

About done

Swapping lies by the fire after a long day.


A brilliant post BB
Flatiron, one of our members from NYS laments the fact that there isn't any hog hunting in his area. That stew looks tasty.

Cracking phots and post Butterbean. Its good to see how others Hunt.

Great stuff Butterbean Keep 'em coming mate

Awesome pics Butterbean , love seeing dogs working on something  besides RATS on here . One question ? Wheres the Curs

Dixie, my catahoula died and I never replaced her.  My buddy is training some mut dogs for close in hunting since the hounds can't be used in the swamps or they'll go missing.  These mutts are close in hunters and just bay up the pig with very little commotion.  So far these muts look promising.  I'll post some pics of this next time I get a chance to go.

I have a yellow Kemmer and another brindle pup on the way in a couple of weeks but they get used for coons , coyotes and such .

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