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hmmm shooting? Dogs? or Photographs?

i might pop them in all three.

this is the regular Weds morning meet up few spaniel friends doing a bit of training, often it rains, but the sun was out last week and one of the lad's wife came along with camera


we walk in a line two dogs out front quartering, at the end of the line is the dummy thrower, blank firer, dummy launcher. dogs expected to stop, head man then decides whose dog gets sent, if any. movement off the stop and no retrieve.

Beren got a nice flow going on

he must have stopped nicely

on his way back

Looks like a nice way to spend a few hours , and great for the dogs .

Yes Gr8 pics thanks 4 sharing.
Dave C

Looks a great morning running the dogs  

Bet the cracks good as well mate.

Great thank you love them and abeautiful looking dog. looks a perfect day and great way to spend it  

thanks all

yeah its a good laugh Dave, although i always seem to get the very rare running dummy, .................. baicially theres 8 out there you go P, you go A etc, right all had ao go one last one Pete send yours. Cant he find it, nope recall him, i'll send mine... blank, anyone got any dummies somebody pipes up oh ive one in my bag ahhh so theres 7 dummies. always seems to be me gets the "runner"  
Dave C

but that's what makes it such a laugh bb  

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