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tai haku

hives big and small

Long time, no posts so a little update on one thing I've been working on this year. So I decided this year to try and set up a TBH If I could get a split to work or catch a swarm. I built 3 top bar swarm traps, split a national, and wound up collecting 2 good sized casts out of my quince tree which went into the swarm traps I'd put out as a holding measure.


I transferred one of the swarm traps into my new tbh. Its built from fresh cut spruce but I've burned some sawdust and rubbed some woodchip and beeswax all over the inside.

Cracking open the swarm trap I was astonished to see they've built out 9 full sized bars (the front and back bar were less developed). Seeing the beauty and shape of the natural comb was a real thrill and I think I'm hooked on the tbh way already. Also no crosscombing! Everything was straight as an arrow.

I must confess one thing I hadn't considered was that having transferred all the bars I was left with a shedload of bees in the bottom of the box who didn't come out when inverted. I swept a few out with my trusty stork feather and left the remainder to walk in through a crack between the bars, which they've now done.

Here's a quick peek I took through the window to check how everything was sitting....


Here's the dodgy carpentry...




Periscope entrance...

and the window shutter....

here's how they were doing on a first inspection....

Meanwhile some other hives I set up have been getting a little attention too...

Edit: Gah - looks like you'll need to click on that last photo to see the video for some reason.
Yorkshire Geordie

That is very interesting thanks.
It certainlys looks like you've been as busy as a bee.  


Thank you that looks great and love watching the bees flying in and out  

We had 100,000 bees do a runner the other day on the other side of the city. The chap got half back, didn't hear about the others...hope he caught up with them!

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