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highland cows

Does anybody have any highland cows,?,, and an open mind,,?,,,not as bad as it reads,,,,,,I'm after some highland cow hair locks, about a carrier bag full.
I wondered if anyone might mind giving a friendly cow a bit of a trim for me ?
I am a fibre crafter/artist and I'd like to have a go at felting some highland hair into my work.
I will pay for postage and send a felted highland cow trinket back, for anyone that can help with my odd request.

Yorkshire Geordie

Do you want front side or back side cuttings?  

It's certainly an interesting and intriguing proposition.  
I hope you will show us pictures of any outcome.

I have a handful, but not enough for what you need.
Mine came from the Pollok fold in Glasgow. The herd kept at Pollok Park.
The are often brushed up for public display and their keeper kept me a bag load a few years ago.

The lighter softer 'wool' from the calves is much the nicer fibre to work with. The adults coat is very coarse, very kempy and it doesn't felt well. It also smells unmistakeably of 'cow', iimmc.
Bit like wild boar skin always smells of wild boar regardless of what you do to it.

I have no idea where else you might find enough for what you want; perhaps go to one of the agricultural shows and ask one of the exhibitors ? I have always found them very helpful, especially when folks are genuinely interested

The highland cattle hair spins quite well I found. I made a ball of yarn for the keeper who saved me the hair No idea what he did with it though.

Yorkshire Geordie

Sarah, I have Googled and found that there's a Highland Cattle Society.

On their site is a list of breeders.
If you e-mailed/phoned the breeders and requested samples you may obtain suffient for your needs, maybe.  

The list can be found here:-

Good luck in your serach and I wish you success.

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