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High Borrans

Dont often post photos of day shooting too busy with the dogs, but one of the young lads had his i-phone snapping away so technically they are not even my photos. but it was a nice day out in the sunshine, as for the shooting..thats in the shooting section, just thought i'd share a photo of the hardships we endure when out, its a hard task but someones got to do  


I *love* that !!! Would love to see it on the 2014 calendar. I'm not sure I'd turn the page over at the end of the month though.

Great pic!  

Looks like a beautiful painting    

Oh you can just about smell the countryside when you view that picture , stunning ,!! i'm sure i would be getting a rollicking to "keep in line " if  i was ever fortunate enough to be beating that area ! .

Terrific BB.
Yorkshire Geordie

Very nice, makes me want to go and explore.  
I would be very pleased to call that shot mine.

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