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Hickory nuts!

This year was a bumper crop for hickory nuts in our area.  I wanted to collect enough for some baking but the squirrels started cutting them out of the trees by mid August and it was a challenge to find many.  I was working a woodlot and a farmer I know who was renting the ag fields saw me and stopped to chat.  He told me about a lone hickory tree in between two crop fields by his home farm.  He said I was welcome to pick nuts there and said they are pretty big ones.

So I stopped by and was amazed at the size of the nuts from this tree.  The picture below shows the normal sized ones I had found and the huge ones from this tree.

I went back several times over about a month and collected a huge amount from this one tree.  Iím guessing it may be a genetically superior tree plus itís out in a field with a full crown and full sunlight.  It also gets a shot of fertilizer each year from the adjacent crop fields and the thin hedge row itís in doesnít seem to support any nut stealing squirrels.

My wife found this recipe and we have made several large batches of tarts with the roasted nuts.  We figured it had to be good with bourbon and maple syrup in the recipe!


We don't get them over here Jim. Hazel nuts and chestnuts are the best we can get.

All I knew hickory was good for was hafts for axes and hammers.

There you go, learn something new every day

The tart looks tasty but I have to say that it's got a lot of sweetness in it with a cup of syrups/honey. Is it like a nut flan ?

Do the nuts taste like walnuts ? do they roast well too ?

Thank you for the photographs; very interesting.


What?!!! No hickory trees? Next you'll tell me you don't have any squirrels?

It's actually not overly sweet, not sure what nut flan tastes like?  The nuts roast well and quickly and taste somewhat similar to walnuts but a lighter flavor.

We don't get the maple syrup trees either Jim.

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