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Hey Ho its off a blending we go!

This morning we tapped seven barrels of cider and drew a bottle off each of them.

The cider that we pressed last season came from a numerous locations and was made from a variety of different types of apples. All seven barrels tasted quite differently and to be honest, I haven't got much of a clue as to how to go about blending them.
Next Saturday, we're taking the bottles down to this place to see a chap called Andy Hallet who is the proprietor of this place.

He's very kindly offered to have a taster of what we've made and to give us some pointers as to what to put with what. I hope we don't manage to poison him.
Rare one

Well then Bodger how did the blending go, tell us all about it

We had a pleasant evening tasting and blending all the bottles (but our taste became confused early on in the process )
It was soon evident that all our ciders were on the dry side (read astringent for dry) and would need blending or the addition of fruit sugar to 'balance' them. This was due to the fact that they were all made from desert and cooking apples rather than cider apples.
Andy, our host, only makes sweet cider so it was an experience for him as well
The good thing was that he was very pleased with the appearance of the ciders and could not find anything in the tasting that would be marked as a fault.
So now it is up to us to play around and 'balance' the cider to our taste - the problem is that everyone has their own prefernce when it comes to taste.

Hand up here to be a volunteer taster  

Should you be needing a self employed tester...    

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