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Hey Diggers

My gardener has turned up this evening...........not as good looking as Charlie Dimmock, but she will tomorrow of her in action  

I await with baited breath  

Here's Big B...............digging made easy.

All our elm trees were attacked by Dutch elm diease and have since died. Most of the roots I pulled up with a tractor by there was one that did not want to move, so I tried to burn the stump Down, twice in fact it would not burn, so last chance was Big B, she had no problems with it.

I'm about to attack the flower beds which unfortunately have not had the attention they should have had.........we now have lots of green with no or very Little flowers, so extreme action is called for.

I know this is not the correct time to be digging up the flower beds, but its now dry and Big B was free this week as my mate is on Holiday.

We have hundreds of these, but only one or two flower, so its time to dig up divide and replant, its the same with the daffs and lilly of the valley, all green, no colour.


Not sure my neighbour would would appreciate Charlie demolishing their garden and garage just to allow me to dig the garden....    

But bally useful little tool......

Ships I was hopping for a tall leggy blonde....ah! well dream on Digger's.....

Got to agree, all bulbs need re-planting after a couple of years....
That's why earlier this year I dug an estimate 200, which were close on 400....But as and when I'll find space for them...

Dig on,   hope all goes well...

Charlie Dimmock had nice lillies too.

Funnily enough, I've priced up mini digger hire up today ar £56.00 a day.

Digindeep wrote:
    That's why earlier this year I dug an estimate 200, which were close on 400....But as and when I'll find space for them...

A couple of questions DD......... how do you store your bulbs, and how long do you store them before replanting?

Can I replant them now or should I wait until later in the year?

usually turf them out of the planters in may ready to take summer plants the ones in the borders I leave where they are so that they can multiply I then plant the bulbs back into there planters in sept/oct with there winter plants if you try and plant them earlier in the summer they try to grow and will produce new green leaves which will not be acclimatised when  cold weather comes and do not usually produce any flowers

I like it, my way of gardening mine are much older and harder to use

Goodlife has given the answer, mine are now stored in old mushroom baskets, making sure they keep dry, until replanting sept/oct time.
All green now cut back to bulbs only.

I only bother to do this as and when needed, when totally over crowded.
Otherwise they stay where they are year after year.
brummie nick

bodger wrote:
Charlie Dimmock had nice lillies too.

I can't say that I noticed that,  

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