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After 28 years, a heron has finally found our pond and cleared our fish out within a couple of days. Yesterday I saw him circling our second pond as he was just about to come in and land.
This afternoon, I've spent a hour fortifying the smallest of the two ponds and hopefully making it heron proof. Tonight by torch light, I'll be out with a kiddies fishing net trying to catch the remaining golden orfe and transporting them into what will hopefully be a safe pond for them.
I love seeing the herons but perhaps not quite so close !

I know they need to eat, but it's a shame when it's our trapped in wee ponds fish that they take.

I don't keep fish now, I just let the newts get on with things.

Herons are interesting to watch though; kind of like home grown storks

I know your pain I am regularly visited by herons,  I have lost some very nice koi to them, but fortunately our lurcher hates them, he will bark if he sees them flying over and chase them if they happen to land un noticed, he has actually almost caught one 3 times now, glad he hasn't tbh they could do some damage with that beak.

We had one visit us last year and it cleaned out both our pond and the neighbours in just a couple of days!
Dave C

My dads had the same problem, once they know there there they will be back.

He tried the heron statue and various deteronts but the only thing that keeps them off is mesh over the top.
He tried making a pergola to hang it from but it's doesn't look the same.  

After a recent liner leak I'm having to re-do my pond, so I have dug out all the shrubs, gunnera, ferns etc, etc
Also due to the fact we have a granddaughter toddling around I have put up a wrought iron fence around it, only problem I seem to have left myself is there is a 2ft path on the inside of the fence, which probably is enough room for a heron to land if it perches on the fence first.

I found the best deterrent is fishing line criss crossed over the pond, secured with stakes at the edge. Herons will avoid anything that might entangle them.

Better on the eye than mesh, with the added bonus that other wildlife can't get tangled and drowned in the mesh. (sadly I lost a couple of hedgehogs that way before I heard of the fishing line trick.)

That's exactly what I've done this week Trish but most if not all of my little buddies had already gone.


Sad that you lost your fish Bodger, but I have to admit I love watching the herons flying over like pterodactyls,  and seeing them bustling around in their nesting colony in Pwllheli.

Karen and I have been to look at the heronry a couple of times this last few weeks. Now, before the leaves get on the trees is the time to go and have a look. The little egrets also nest there.

It wasn't down to me in anyway but this has got to be one of my favourite posts. Wow ! Back in 2008 !  


great pics, I do love birdlife but those things are as popular with me as magpies are lol.  

bodger wrote:
Karen and I have been to look at the heronry a couple of times this last few weeks. Now, before the leaves get on the trees is the time to go and have a look. The little egrets also nest there.

North Wales Wildlife group had a few telescopes trained on the nests one Saturday in the Spring - and counted 22 nests!

I was very naive when I put a couple of ponds in 15 years ago.

I mean how hard can it be, dig a couple of holes, which of course ended up way too big and cost an arm and leg to line, add water, pond weed, water lilies and some fish and there you go. Yeah right.

There were a few things I hadn't counted on. Quite a few actually.

There were the obvious ones, well they are now, like the herons and kingfishers who liked to dine on the fish and put numerous holes in the liner with their beaks.

The not so obvious like the native and domestic ducks who find the pond weed the equivalent of caviar and the geese and water dragons who use it like a spa.

And who'd of thought in a big flood a couple of feet of water would go through both ponds.
As long as the weather bureau gives us warning, which isn't often, I put some barriers up to divert the water.

Anyway the end result, as you can see, is the pond equivalent of fort knox

This bird is the main culprit, operates at night and early morning.

The rufous night heron.


Tidy job


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