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Anyone heard of such a thing with chickens?

Very occasionally laying hens will crow as well as lay, but more usually it is because the ovary is damaged (hens only have one) and the lack of female hormone allows the male features to develop and the hen will then act like a cockerel but not lay eggs, and not be capable of fertilizing eggs either

A whistling women and a crowing hen
Is neither good for God nor men

Thank you for the reply DBE .

What I have is what I thought to be a cockerel. He's head, shoulders and back, taller than all of my hens. Has some sickle feathering, talks like a Roo, yet has never crowed.

I not only watched this bird lay an egg, but also discovered the egg to be fertile. ... And it's post egg laying cackle is quite wretched.

I'm so spun out.... I have no idea what to think about or do with this bird. Every time I look at it, I get all messed up again. This is just so wrong.

This bird is from a hatchery order placed by a friend who didn't want quite as many as he had to order for chick safety, so I bought the 5 extra chicks. Of which one is mostly blind. She's doing well, but I've never had a blind chicken before either.

Sure doesn't endear me to the hatchery practices... Whatever they may be.

Interesting - you must have one of the first sort.

When I did a bit of beating for the local shoot, we occasionally came across a bird that displayed both male and female plumage. One day I was discussing it with one of the old retired army officers, who was one of the guns and he quickly said " Yes we have quite a few like that in London." He obviously wasn't referring to pheasants.  


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