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Herb Garden


I went to Florence in the Summer, and we stayed in a beautiful Tuscany villa, which had its own herb garden.

I want to start my own, does anyone have any good advice?
Wendy x

Only grow the ones that you will use. Look up reference books to see what will grow in your area, what sort of soil they like and what sort of site they like (sunny, shady). Beg cuttings from local gardens if they are thriving there as these will also grown in yours.

Start out small with a Strawberry planter, plant a different herb in to each one of the pockets, and your favourite and most used herb in the larger section at the top.

Plant growing Herbs bought from the supermarket, they are absolutely perfect to begin with, are reasonably low cost and easy to manage, should root quickly and flourish prolifically when continually harvested for the pot, the table and for drying.


That's a Great(!!) idea Gareth! (thanks for asking this question Wendy!)

Thank you so much, I just bought Your Backyard Herb Garden by Miranda Smith... Il read it and see how I get on, you are all so kind!

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