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Herb experience

Back in march I started growing various herbs, which were to become favours at my daughters wedding.
Seven herbs were chosen, Dill, Corriander, Sage, Thyme,Parsley, Basil and Chives.
Dill and Corriander were a complete failure,no matter how many times I tried they always bolted.
All the others were a great success.
Here is the outcome, each one wrapped in hessian with each persons name attached. That part alone took hours of work. 68 were required and we have 12 back up plants just in case !

and ready to be boxed for travelling today.

Lovely - a lot of work but they look absolutely charming and I am sure will be a great success.  Well done you  

As said Diggers   they look charming.....what a lovely idea

Nice, a bit of thought rather than just ordering from Interflora etc.

Are the cakes in the boxes for favours too?

Aren't they lovely....what a super idea. More than worth all your effort

Have a fantastic day.
David Smith

Very nice!
Best wishes

What a wonderful idea! Must take notes from you and pass them on to my daughter Bethani....

Those are really, sweetly beautiful Digin~well done.

brilliant idea. I might adapt this idea at some stage next year......

You all may have noticed the little white plant tag in each pot, the lable read,
'Smell me, Taste me, Who am I?'......on the back of said lable was the nsame of the plant.
We were surprised how many people joined in and as My Daughter had mixed the guests from both families on all the tables it all helped break the 'ice', got people

The 12 extra pots were placed on tables in the courtyard, of the 80 or more we took....none came home with us...

Thanks for all your comments

That's a brilliant idea!  

What a brillant idea, they look lovely. A great talking point for all the guests.

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