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Well it is that time again to clear the garden and put in  winter flowers  but as allways the plants that i want to keep for next year are now at there best fuchia's geraniums ,begonias not enough room to keep them in full flower so how long will they last outside will they stand a light frost or do i mercifully dig up repot and cut all the flowers off i should be used to this by now but every year it gets harder any comments will be appreciated    

My dad's is a fuchsia showman  and has been for over 40 years
He always cuts his down after his last show at Harrogate and they are kept inside under cover some with the protection of fleece

As for me only a week or so back, took out the Begonias from their hanging basket,  dried them off in the conservatory. They are are now well wrapped up and stored for next year.
The few Fuchia' s I've managed to save are potted up, after trimming back, awaiting next season...

All the tubs are now planted up with spring bulbs of different types...I'm looking forward to the spring time, as much as I love Autumn, Spring is a new begining....have fun enjoy....

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