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Hi ya everyone..just wondered if anyone knew the name of this?? I found it by the riverbank and apart from this one plant could see no more anywhere near..


As a youngster I used to call them Milk Maids, don't know the proper name

could be speedwell

I don't know what it is called but it is a beautiful spring flower.

No its  milk maids all right. Or ladies smock. Sorry I dont know the Latin name. Love Lizzie
Rare one

I know it as  Cuckoo flower,nothing like what we known it in welsh Llaeth y Gaseg, translated means Mares Milk  but looked it up and also known as ladies Smock,or even meadowcress (cardamine pratensis)

Agree - Milk maids here

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Thats the problem with flowere one thinks it's one thing and somebdy else thinks it's another and before long it's got a new name it happens a lot in garden centres bring back the old observer books or any old book about flowers  
Green Rosie

Yup - Cardemine pratensis (I think we also called it cuckoo flower). It's edible, a member of the brassica family but I find it rather too peppery.

Thank you very much to you all for your help

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