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Help to save the UK's Bees

Like other people in the country, we already do quite a bit in and around the garden to help and encourage our bee population, so I've found the launch of this scheme here in Wales very interesting. I'm going to look into it and may very well be investing seventy quid in it.

Geat news here BEE numbers are going up   We have all year round flowers in our garden/flower  mess   and as spring flowers are coming out now should help too.

Everyone can do something small for bees.

Planting daisy type flowers (these are the kind that bees especially can collect nectar and pollen from), especially those that flower in the spell from June till August is very useful.  This time of year there are fewer flowers for the bees to collect from until the bramble starts flowering.

The Bee Friendly Garden by Ted Hooper and Mike Taylor is a handy book.

Lorraine that ishat we have big bushes of Daisys that flower all year here and take no work can be spread by breaking abit off n pushing in the ground  

Excuse me for being cynical and all that Bodger but I see another bandwagon being jumped on here. The article is partly about the Woodland trust launching some scheme to get farmers to plant more trees and to pay for the privilege (I doubt that you will be able to donate a pack to a deserving farmer unless it's a private arrangement). I'm wondering if that's the same woodland trust who were partly responsible for the introduction of, or at least the late notification of Ash die back disease into this country. So they need to plant more trees now to cover up the holes in the hedgerows they've created.

Anyway onto what we can do for the bees, well I'm a member of the local county Bee Keepers Association (Carmarthenshire) and we have approx 87 members with an average of 2 hives per member. The 'crisis' for the honey bee at least seems to be on the wain it's the other pollinators (the less glamorous ones) that are more in need of help.

For those of you doing your bit I assume you all know about the initiative that has been going on for a few years now by the Co Op, giving out wild flower seed packets and other things. Our association get's a bulk gift from them every spring and every member gets a packet.

Hi Pembroke

Ive been keeping bees down here in Cornwall for 8 years.  This spring was the worst Ive known for losses.  Because of the rubbish summer and constant damp down here most beekeepers in Cornwall have lost from a third tio half their stocks - for me I lost 2/3rds, my friend matt, who has been keeping bees commercially for 20 years has lost 50%.  This is a crisis.

A lot has been said about varroa, but not much being said about the 'new' beekeepers who dont really know enough about bees and have started keeping bees because they are the lastest thing.  There is more than one cause as to problems with honeybees and indeed other pollinators, but encouraging people to think about what they can do is not a bad thing.

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