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Help-something big has eaten the fennel!!

Went out this morning to find something's eaten a bed of fennel!  Don't think it's the usual culprits; rabbits, pigeons etc as these were eaten off in one bite!! No obvious paw/hoof/foot prints and strangely, no droppings....   Funny, there's plenty of young beans, peas, brassicas, radish and alliums but they weren't touched. We know we've got badgers and Muntjac, but they tend not to come so close.  Anyone got any bright ideas, otherwise it means sitting up for a couple of nights with a flask and the spare duvet

No idea sorry

good luck finding the culprit
Duane Dibbley

Lesser spotted Pikey ?  
Green Rosie

The boys came in today saying they had found caterpillars on my fennel - they turned out to be Swallowtails.  I am dead chuffed and as I don't like the taste of fennel anyway I am more than happy to sacrifice the leaves to theses beauties.

Swallow tails ? You lucky lucky person.
Green Rosie

When I looked in my book for what sort of caterpillars they were I saw the swallowtails and promptly dismissed the idea - however Tom assured me that was what they were and closer inspection of the book proved him right - and their favourite foods are (wild) carrot and fennel.  Apparently they are not as rare here so I wil be keeping my eyes open for the adults now.


Ah such memories, little boys with grubby hands and creatures to play with or torture.
Oh what fun and such jolly japes. The summer break lasted forever and it never rained.
Enjoy, Jnr. Gaters.
Green Rosie

You are right about holidays never ending - they get 8 weeks here - as for lack of rain .........

You have to wait at least one more week before young boys on Summer Break fall into the pest control category.
Green Rosie

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