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Help needed finding a part

I am struggling to track down a diode to fix my genny. It had no markings at all on it (apart from a red blob).
However I have tracked down the details on the makers web site. Doing a google comes up with very little & I dont understand the part spec details to do a generic search for a diode with the right specs. Can some one tell me what the details mean or point me to the right parts.

Details are

Diodes D2/125 25A

I have looked on Maplins & RS sites but blanked.

Does this help

Line 26

Pages 3 & 4

Apart from being a part on an Italian made alternator I can't tell you much more.

However, if you have a diesel electric refurbishers (Lucas, Bosch service centre) nearby they will be the ones to help you.

and here is the UK importers address and contact details.

United Kingdom
Mecc Alte U.K. LTD
6 Landsí End Way
T: +44 01572/771160
F: +44 01572/771161
After sale service email:

It just so happens that I will be delivering one of my Cargo Cycles to less than 250 mtrs from them on Tuesday morning, and then going for Lunch with my Uncle & Aunt who live close to Oakham railway staion, so give me a shout if you require any more assistance mate

Thanks for that. They were in fact my sources for the little info I do have.
(increased to knowing that its rated to 1300v for some reason)

If I cant find one they are the people I will be phoning first thing Monday. Not holding my breath as the last time I needed a bit from MeccAlte they dint even reply to my messages. I think they only deal with registered dealers.

MeccAlte have emailed me back. Part is £3.45 + VAT & £4.95 del. Major faf ordering it. I have to open an account send company details ect ect then they can invoice me. They dont do a trade counter so I cant even ask you to pop in.

My local rewinders dont do them but their other branch does. Just waiting for sales to call me back.

Have also found a similar diode but only at 1000v not the 1300v, but I am told that you can fit two in series to increase the PIV.

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