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Help me make some money!

In an effort to bring some much needed money back into the cider business I'm thinking of holding a small wassailing event at our place in the early Autumn.

As well as cider and apple juice, I'm also thinking mulled cider, so first of all, has anyone got a half decent recipe for it?
I'm thinking that having traditional toffee apples might also be a winner, so once again, a recipe for the toffee would be handy. I think that I might be able to work out what to do with the apple and where to stick the stick

If you good people can sort me out with that, then I'll be much obliged.

I'll stick the marquee up and invite the local folk club down to play, we could have apple dunking and perhaps sell mince pies and apple tarts etc. Basically, I just need to be able to sell a drop more cider, so if you have anymore ideas, then just post them on here and anything within reason will be considered. If you just by chance happen to be a member of strolling wassailers and you fancy a day out, then that would be great.

Unfortunately, I don't think that the suckling pigs will be ready by then but pumpkin heads and the soup that you can make from their insides would be pretty seasonal.

Great idea!  

All my recipe books are in the loft, sorry.

Get up those loft ladders Mrs !

PS. Has anyone got any experience of pickling chilli peppers, as in the big green ones you get in kebabs?

Right John,

You have several things going in your favour at the moment, but you are really going to have move fast............. get the boys and soon to be DIL working hard on this immediately

Go for two wassailing's a year: one at the spring Equinox and one at the Autumn equinox.............. the Autumn equinox is on the 21st of September, which also happens to be on a Saturday this year.

Turn the wassailing into a secondary event: you are a member of a Cricket Club.............. so allow them to hold a club fund raising day, culminating in the Wassailing Ceremony and blessing of the orchard.

Allow the local church in on the deal to raise a few funds for the roof/organ repairs, etc. and the get the vicar to lead an open air service to bless the orchard for free (for allowing them to raise funds at your place).

Get as many fete games there as possible, Splat the rat, coconut shy, hoopla, giant table skittles, buzzer bar maze, hook a duck, etc. So talk to the local; scouts, guides, WI, Rugby club, Trefoil Guild, Youth and other local clubs, etc.

Get a Hog roast and/or Welsh Oggie van there for the day by offering them a free pitch; they often have to pay good money for pitches at fetes and local shows, should have 2 or 3 of them clamouring for an all day freebie.

Sell your cider all through the event.......... do not give away one drop! I repeat do not give away one drop of it.

If you have done it right you will have a steady stream of people visiting all afternoon playing games, buying cider and you will have generated a certain amount of interest in the Wassailing and ceremony that will close the day............... let the C of E do the honours.................. pagans may alienate the public, although them dancing around skyclad might bring in more punters, it will bring you to the attention of the local plod and council and therefore Licencing committee.

You will have a lot more success making it look like you have tagged the Wassailing on to a local fund raising event, which by the kindness of your heart you have allowed to be held at your place.

Can it be done in 5 weeks.......... Well yes, absolutely: Four of us put on a do for the Big C cancer charity in only 3 weeks. We had 10 local bands and musicians each playing 1 hour sets (for free, we allowed them to sell their CDs and merchandise without paying a pitch fee), a host of fete games, Licenced mobile bar and burger van, and we raised just over 8 k in 12 hours


Have you tried the Piccalilli relish Bodger? Made some with those type peppers....yummmmmm. I have a recipe, if you'd like?

If done quickly and properly an event such as this will make a considerable difference to your business. If it is billed as a charity fund raiser then the local press will advertise it for free, posters will be put on the noticeboards of clubs, associations and churches, it will also be posted on various local "what's on" websites and individual pages, including social media such as Facebook. The chances are that on the day the press will want to report upon the event, take a few photos and interview the extremely kind man who out of the goodness of his heart allowed the event to take place on his property................... and you are more likely to attract and get a larger footfall for a charity event than just for some vague ceremony going on at the local orchard.

Why 2 individual events?

easy............. basically it is twice the coverage; once at the beginning of the holiday and visitor season, and once at the end. With luck, after 4 events; 2 Spring and 2 Autumn, your Orchard's Wassailing ceremony will become established on the local social calendar and be a "must do" event.

actually, I can see little wrong with Gareth's thinking....
Didnt broome Farm do something similar?  You could ask them for advice?

Thanks for the ideas folks.  I tell you one thing though and that is that I wont be inviting any outside agencies in. All the procedes will be going directly to the Morfa Nefyn Orchard fund.

sounds a fantastic idea bodger. gareth you really do have your thinking head on, well done.
i would love to come......perhaps if it is on a weekend i might be able to make it, i love pagan ceremonies....and used to go to wassailing in somerset many times.

Actually you should start teaching......
I will pm you re this, but you have facilities and a wealth of knowledge you can share with people.  You are quite personable and would make a good teacher I think.

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