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Help me design a new chicken shed.

When we leave our holding I'm hoping to take a few of my beloved chickens with me and I'm going to need to take a new chicken shed with me.

Our new abode has a large back garden but the path way leading to it is only 33" wide, so the shed will need to be sectional.

There's a chap in the village who will make you anything as long as you tell him what your requirements are. So as I've already said, it needs to be sectional and to comfortably house about ten chickens.
I also want it to be as red mite unfriendly as possible. Other than that, you more or less have a blank canvas and I was wondering what other features you'd include in your own ideal chicken desres ?
I'll no doubt make my own run to go with it.

A steel garden shed on a concrete slab is the way to go. Cheaper than building one from timber, various sizes, flat pack for access, walk in for cleaning etc, easy to fit perches and nest boxes and no nooks and crannies for mites and lice.

Metal sheds are miserable things in the damp and sodden UK though.
They run with condensation, are perishing cold, and….hear ? Bodger…see thon pig arc things though? the curved panels let the water run to ground, could you not do sommat with those ? or how about using the UV stabilised ' triple walled polycarbonate sheeting stuff ?

Yorkshire Geordie

Bodger, there are a number of web sites that may help you.


For example, have you seen this one ?  


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