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help I need help setting up a simple site

I am getting frustrated tried hard to do it but nothing I suppose if I saw it done once I would not forget but from reading stuff I have drawn a blank

what are you trying to accheive and what skills do you have?
I have no idea about websites but if you have a look at mine then you can see what i have managed.
I bought a domain through and upgraded to there instantsite package that gives me 10 pages and a choice of 36 templates i think, there isnt really one i wanted but settled on the best of the bunch then i wrote it page by page using ther ' what you see is what you get ' system.
Its not perfect, i would like it to be better but it gives me a web presence foe £1.99 a month and i have had orders through it as well as feedback.

I just saw this post.  It depends what you are trying to do with your website.  It isn't easy to do your own and if you do then it is even harder to get anyone to find it.  You need to get it picked up by google.  there are lots of SEO sites out there who say they can help you to do this but really they are not a lot of use.
    We used this company. [url] [/url]You can tell them exactly what you want and they don't treat you like an idiot or talk over your head.  They help you to get your site found and then they keep on helping you with any little queries you might have.

I have just put my site together using It is template based and you can buy a domain name if you wish. It is mainly targeted at Photographers and Artists who want to show off there work. You select the template you like. Add Images and text. When your happy you make it live. After that, you can make amendments to it at any time.



In  this day and age it's so easy to create a web page ,depends on what level you want to go in at if it's home pages just to inform friends etc google do a free web page service just sign up and follow instruction if it's buisness it is easier to sign up and buy a web page from a hosting company and go in at the level you want and follow instructions if you want to create your own even when you know what you are doing can take months of preperation in the long run it's not worth the hassle it is not the creating the web page so much as getting people to look at it . You can have the best web site in the world but if it does not appear in the first two pages of a search then it is a waste of time hope this helps

Also what type of site are you trying to set up? You can achieve loads using something like (and free to have a play with). It is really designed for blogging but lets you create standard web pages as well.
I've just set up a blog as my learning log for a photography course and picking up on what others have said about visibility in google I don't know what wordpress did but type "see and imagine" into google and my month old site come up first, and has done since I first registered it's domain.
Once you've had a play it is equally easy to move it to your own domain.
The cheapest way I've found is (and they only use green electricty to power their servers!).  Its just cost me about £70 for 3 years hosting of as many web sites as I want (1 domain included in the price but only about a tenner to add others) with unlimited disk storage and unlimited bandwidth. It comes with all sorts of tools from simple site building systems to full blown e-commerce apps and forum hosting packages.
I've used 123-reg in the past and while good at what it does I do find sitebuilder rather restrictive and the systems on hostpapa are no more difficult but far more flexible.
Above all I'd say have a play, you'll need hosting anyway so nothing to loose even if you end up hiring someone to build the site for you so will need to pay for something like hostpapa.

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