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hedgelaying, tree surgery, sheep and wool!


We have a variety of skills to offer

My husband Pete is a fully qualified and insured tree surgeon and does a good job without charging the earth! He also does fencing, hedgelaying, pruning, and any other countryside management tasks needed. He is also interestingly a qualified ecologist and undertakes ecological survey work and plans.
He is a fully qualified trainer too and teaches hedgelaying and woodland crafts to diverse clients and groups such as the local council tree surgeons and RSPB reserve managers!

I am also fully qualified in Landscape conservation and countryside management and have been a livestock farmer for the best part of 25 years producing pedigree livestock for the showring and prime production. Now concentrating on wool processing I am also a trained instructor and teach courses on smallholding, sheep and wool as well as hedgelaying!

Both of us are insured for everything we do and posess public liability insurance too.

Hi Woollyshepherd

Tell me , what do I do with 75 fleeces sheared 2 days ago?

No one wants them.

Just seen advice on other thread thanks!

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