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Not so much out in the countryside as in my yard.
I went out last night about 10.30 to lock up and saw a young hedgehog walking accross the yard. I got a small shovel, rolled it on (it was only about the size of a tennis ball) and put it in one of the paddocks.
Went to put the shovel back and nearly stood on another, took that to the same place as the first then blow me there was another.
A few years back we used to have a lot about but these 3 are the first I've seen recently.  

I aint seen a live one for 12 months now when I saw 2 last year before that it was nowt for a good few years, seen about half a dozen roadkills this year.

They are like buses.
None for ages then 3 last night. Went down the orchard tonight to lock the geese up and there is an adult hedgehog wondering about.

Haven,t seen any for ages

Haven't seen any here for ages. 2 or 3 used to arrive regularly every evening for a dish of catfood, but they've disappeared.

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