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Heavy horses

Just a reminder that Martin Clunes heavy horsepower on ITV 1 9 0,clock tonight  
Dave C

Oh thanks      

thanks for that  

I shall be glued to the gogglebox, cuppa in hand and hubby told to be quiet


Timer set  
Grandma Bodger

been looking forward to that one all week  


I'm going to record it.

Well worth the wait  

Loved it.

I'd quite forgotten about hoovering horses. I wonder if you can still get a grooming attachment for Henry........

I really enjoyed it - interesting and well presented  

Loved every second. I used to think MC was a bit of a Kn*b but Ive changed my mind. Favourite bit was the guy hauling timber with his 2 horses. What a partnership they had. Also liked the Amish farmers  - brilliant horsemanship. A good programme. Love Lizzie

What a FANTASTIC programme - loved the Budweiser horses and as for hoovering the horses - I hoover my dog now and again - she loves it just so long as the hose is extended to it's fullest and the "noisy and scary" part of the machine is as far away from her as possible  

Here Meg(my dog) and I hate the hoover
farmer giles

In the saddle.

Letting a stallion come in contect with a mare was not a good idea.
This could be dangerious, as were some of the other training .
Training a horse to drive takes a lot of time. So as the horse is relaxed happy and safe  at the job.
I am very mutch a fan of HORSE DRAWN PROMOTIONS.
Barry Hook, on Utube.

That stallion incident was stupid, but we don't know what constraints the film crew put on them - I dare say they all thought that bit would be edited out! The programme would only have contained about 5% of the total film content.
When Top Gear came to our yard to do a programme on the Land Rover Discovery they filmed a mare going in and out of the trailer, but filmed the car pulling an empty trailer round the lanes! Then the presenter made the comment 'You really enjoyed that ride Poppy',. Of course she did- she was loaded on the back, and came straight out of the front!  

Watching those eight Amish horses ploughing as a team was absolutely amazing.

Did not think it showed driving and handling horses in a good light at all, and why on earth he was letting a novice driver drive the stallion into the yard how stupid, laughing about it made it even worse. Did find the other bits interesting especially the amish, all their horses looked so well and the ploughing was wonderful to see.

I thought it said part one of a series ? but i have never seen anything about anymore eposides, can anyone shed any light on this ?

As far as i know it was a one off
Rare one

Martin Clunes: Heavy Horsepower Episode 1 | presscentre
UPDATE > Watch the whole episode here: Martin Clunes: Heavy ... The one off film follows Martin putting Ronnie and Bruce through ... Percherons - a French breed of heavy horse ...

Just a one off  Confused  and brilliant watching.

yes looks like a one off, strange way to word it though, EPISODE 1 ??

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