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Heating a Greenhouse ????

Dianne and I are contemplating a Cedar Greenhouse next summer mainly to start off our own veg etc for the polytunnel. Next year we want to bubble wrap the inside and put some form of heating in but its been years since I heated a Greenhouse (propane heater last time) and wondered if anyone else heater a greenhouse and what is the most cost effective.  

I wonder if that idea of Gareths with the candles and the upturned pots would work? Its something that I've been giving some thought too.

On a slightly different note, a black plastic bucket full of water kept in the greenhouse will heat up and give you warm water to wash your hands in when you've finished work.

hi   in the poly I have sectioned part of it off to make a mini greenhouse which I heat with a propane heater  just frost proof but must have some aeration as produces too much moisture for delicate seedlings .I grow the delicate ones in my greenhouse using an electric fan type (wish I could have built it nearer the house then I could run a radiator from the central heating system with a thermostat on ) what ever you choose these days is expensive  and all depends on how many cold days you get best bet is start them off on a warm windowsill in the house then harden them off to the g/house that way you do not need to put on the heat too early

I have a Jemp (who don't seem to be around anymore?) electric fan heater that I bought in 1994. As its electric it's a nice dry heat, good air circulation, has a thermostat for control and really does not result in huge electric bills (we hardly notice it). I try to keep the air emp above 10c day nad night. It means I can start seedlings off early, especially Chillis and so end up with at least a 6 week extended growing season. The 8x6 greenhouse was lined with bubblewrap too - but I've taken it down as it harbours too many creepy crawlies (not all of them benign).

I used to feel guilty about it (seemed a little extravagant), but for the last two years we have partial PV leccy, so I've got over the guilt now.

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