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Rick & Carol

heat lamp advice please

My first batch of chicks are at day 17 in the incubator so hopefully they will be hatching the middle of next week.

I've got one of these
to try as a heat lamp as well as a normal red hanging one I inherited - quite a high wattage I think but I could do with some advice from anyone that's used one -

1 - what height should I set it at for new hatch - I'm thinking as it replicates mother hen ,just over egg height & a bit initially
2. If I end up using the hanging one - what sort of height should I hang it above the chicks - The chicks will have plenty of space to move away if they want as the crate is quite large

Hang the light about 6 to 8 inches above the floor, check every 1/2 hour if the chicks are too hot they will be round the perimeter of the radiated circle, if too cold they will be in the centre of the heat. Whatever result adjust the height to suit. Keep checking til they are generally spread and happy.

If they go to the edges of the box, they're too hot, if they huddle together in a tight group directly under the lamp, then they're not warm enough. Adjust the height of the heat source accordingly.
Dave C

What breeds do you have in the Incy ?

Penguins ?
Rick & Carol

Dave C wrote:
What breeds do you have in the Incy ?

not penguins - ross cobb and RIR

Just curious, is your healthier looking Ross Cobb like our not so healthy looking Cornish cross meat birds?
Dave C

Ross Cobb & RIR, now that cross would make a nice meat bird, ha

No ours are just as bad

But if it's a very large meat bird you are after, they can't be beat.

I prefer a freedom ranger for a broiler, not quite as bad but still not ideal health wise.
But it's a sustainable bird I am after and hopefully my La Bresse are it.

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