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Healthy Eating

These are a couple of the healthy eating meals that have helped Bodger to lose two and a half stone since the New Year.....

Spanish Style Chicken Bake

and Feta, Mushroom and Tomato Stuffed Peppers



Recipes please.

Nice, unfortunately if I cooked those I would have to eat the lot, Mrs 12Bore doesn't eat tomatoes or courgettes    On the other hand...

Deffo recipes needed


Second looks good but I don't like chicken so first out   also "healthy food" scarey

Definitely need recipes! Those look great!

Way to go Bodger! And Kaz!
mole trapper

Looks absolutely great! I could so easily eat that right now, I am up on dartmoor doing rabbits for a customer and forgot to bring tea with me, breakfast is a long way off.

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