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He's done it again...

The bally dog that is....
I was up early this morning to finish painting the raised beds., Its only typical water based garden paint.
Job done, I went for a shower, dressed and am about to go out to meet a few mates.
Mutly rolls over on his back, typically, bit of fuss...yeah!!

Inside leg a 'paler shade of Green' again...
He had obviously gone off down the garden, cocked his leg, to Christen my new raised beds....
His belly and inside leg is covered. Good job its water based paint....

It will brush out........   Dogs!!  


12Bore wrote:

Yeah! Yeah!  Yeah! very funny...You didn't have to brush him up before the wifey gets I can have a jug in peace and not come home to the 'usual'....prob's.......

Yeah! very funny   .....pain in the proverbial is Mutly.....


Many years ago I had a lurcher bitch who decide to rub against her freshly painted kennel.................... alas it was still very wet Wilko's finest exterior gloss.

A few years later I managed in less than 5 seconds to turn 2 huskies, 2 children and one adult pink............but that is another story.

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