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he's blacksmithing today

..........mainly because we STILL have no boiler and the shed is currently warmer than the house.

I have taken the initiative and ordered the boiler this morning.  He's been faffing with it for over a week and im fed up.

Photos of his working later.....

and now with pictures....

A beautiful poker with a hook to hang it from for the Coach House pub in St Columb (who sell nice, cheap beer and always have the fire on for us on a Monday when Kieran is at guitar!)

Dave C

Nice 1  

Nice job!

Those are great!  
My OH is a works with metal too, but in a much less artistic way!

  brilliant, really enjoyed the day I came down for a taster day   cracking photos

well, ......
here are a couple of snaps of what I made yesterday ( a coat rack).
I have to say it was absolutely freezing and my feet couldnt take it for more than an hour, but I did some of it, and john finished the rest and did the leaf....


Nice Lorraine! We have a good friend mark who is an ornamental blacksmith and sculptor. OH and i spent a happy afternoon making a really fab poker. Using the giant foot operated automatic thumping machine (I have no idea what they are called!!) was the best bit!!
Link to Mark's website... have a look!!

Love Lizzie

Its a hammer.  There is a working one at Sticklepath forge (a NT property).
John fancies making one here   , Im not so keen.  You can hear them for miles.

Marks big hammer is powered by a motorbike engine, the hammer was made in about 1930 ans is cemented in to his forge floor. Its a real beast that makes the earth move!!! The precision of it is unbelievable  - apparantly the old boys who used to use it in the foundry tested their control by putting their pocket watches on the hammer plate!! :ove Lizzie

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