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Have spent the afternoon humping with my husband! Sadly only bales of hay...we got 100 in at 4 per bale (feeling faint at the thought but i only pay half with a friend). How much is it where you all are??? These are mahoosive bales that I cant even pick up on my own so a good 3 or 4 days worth in each one. Love Lizzie

We got 15 large round bales in at 17 a bale, good farmer friend of Pete......

Some prices are crazy round here, glad we have a friend like that, it was delivered too, same price! Real good stuff....yeah, they are stacked and covered, and take a bit of shifting when we want one, but for 17 a bale, we don't complain!  

our large round bales are 27, large square bales, aprox 15 small bales, are 32.
locally small bales of straw are 4, but i am not sure about hay.

bales of shavings are now 7!

Solid heavy hay bales for 3 each but he egts it free as he cuts the Ings land so prob pay a bit more elsewhere.  

Oh goodness, hay!!!! We are now paying 35 per round bale, but in one of the auctions last week, good hay was making 50 per bale....when you consider we were paying 17 last winter, its shocking.

Six pounds bdooly fifty for a standard bale!!!!!!!
Unfortunately I haven't the storage or lifting facilities to go for bigger bales.

    Roll on the new season. x

We managed to get the last lot from our usual guy at 5 (its ryegrass hay but 2nd cut)and have bought some haylage to mix with it as once its gone there is no more hay!
The mare is well whizzy on it though - I have cut right back on the senior mix and she basically has reddigrass and feed balancer. roll on the spring!!!!!!! Love Lizzie

I buy big round bales 850lbs, they are 60% Alfalfa and 40% grasses. I love it, they are $35 which at todays prices is around 22 gdp (sorry haven't got a pound sign here)

We go through 3-4 round bales a week. With this last load we had some oat straw dropped off and I am using it to bulk out the ponies. It a bit of a swings and roundabouts situation as I now have to up their hard feed. But its still working out considerably cheaper. So that'll help tide us over.

Netty - we're probably too far away...and we can't deliver big bales    but we have about a dozen large round bales of hay - tripple wrapped so its fine stored outside      Actually, it was supposed to be haylage, but by the time the contractor got to us, it was so dry, it was hay        Its a first cut from last year.    We're mid way between Carmarthen and Cardigan.

Hi Blinkers. That would actually have been fine. We occasionally hire a lorry and pick up loads of usually 16 at a time, but we need to get at least 2 loads in a day to make it worth the cost of the lorry hire and the diesel, otherwise it bumps the cost of the hay up considerably Thank you for the offer though.

I used to live in Sarnu, just outside Cardigan. My DH is from Ciliau Aeron nr Aberaeron, so we used to drive your way a lot! Its a beautiful part of the world.


No worries- quite understand its gotta be cost effective.   Yes, its just lovely here..........although a tad wet and windy at the mo  

Tell me about it! Miserable here too. I hate this type of weather, when everything you touch is wet! To be fair the rain did stop this morning, just as we had finished and were coming back inside Its probably just about to start again, as I am going back out in a mo!

I have just got the last of the hay for this year from my supplier and am now on the hunt for more. I can get plenty of haylage but have 2 that go abit loopy on haylage so am hoping to get some from a farmer friend of my sisters in the north of the county. My supplier was telling me he wont drop it off outside of peoples places as he has had several loads stolen already!!


Our local supplier who for years has operated an honesty box scheme for hay collection has installed CCTV as some BASt**D or 2 has pinched loads of hay.Its disgusting - he is such a nice old chap how anyone could steal from him is beyond me. Love Lizzie

We were buying lovely dense bales for 3 a time but our supply has committed the rest to others. So we're now on big round bales-the first lasted us 11 days whereas we'd usually get through a small bale a day. 33 for 11 days small-15 for 11 days large! We'll be on large next year from the start despite the extra hassle!!

we have used round bales for years now. I dread to think how much we'd be spending if we were still using small bales

30 for a round bale, buy hay/straw off the yard where I keep my ponies. 3.50 bale of straw, 5 for small hay.  Dread to think how much it is at local feed merchants now - they were charging 4.50 last year.

i saw meadow hay advertised at......7 a bale!!! They can keep it! Love Lizzie

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