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Hawkshead ?

Hawkshead ?
Last night Karen and I booked ourselves a weeks break in a holiday cottage. It'll be the first week of July in the beautiful Lakeland village of Hawkshead.
The last time I was there, I was all of thirteen or fourteen years old. I went with Ball Green School and a party of German pen friends, that we'd got staying with us.
We stopped for a few nights at the Hawkshead YHA and I remember very well in morning us walking en masse just across the road before breakfast and swimming in the lake. I was obviously made of sterner stuff in those days.
I can't imagine that I'll be packing my swimming trunks this time around but a fishing rod will definitely be making the trip.
We're both looking forward to a nice relaxing holiday, with lots of long distance walking and sight seeing. I suppose you've already cottoned on that I'll be fishing on my own. I can't wait !

I've been to Hawkshead

Lovely place. We visited when we were staying in Far Sawrey.

The last time I visited Hawkshead was about 50 years ago whilst on a walking holiday in the area.
Lovely village, I wonder if it has change much ?
I'll look forward to seeing your photos John.  

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