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having cider probs

The juice I pressed 10th Nov is giving me concerns.

At the time we juiced 80 litres, out in blue barrell with 2 sachets of yeast and left with loose fitting lid in the big shed.  Took a reading of 1063.
Nothing much seemed to be happening (it was very cold and getting colder) so we moved it inside to the conservatory.  I fitted the lid and put on an airlock when we moved it 10 days ago.
Now nothing seems to be happening in the airlock so I opened it yesterday and it has a fermenring scum and some froth on the top, but it smells slightly 'wrong'.
The other barrell which we pressed a week ago is frothing away merrily.  Didnt add any yeast and Im quite happy with it.  It smells right and tastes a bit sweet but appley.

So yesterday I added some nutrient - thinking maybe its a bit slow.  (this is to the problem barrell).
Should I add some sugar to see if it just needs a gee -up?

I'd leave it and see what happens.
We kill all the natural yeasts in the apple juice straight a way and after 24 hours add bought yeast from Vigo. Some very good cider can be made from the natural yeast that comes with the apples but there can be bad yeasts floating about too.
In rough and ready conditions like ours, as in a pre war barn, we feel that adding yeast is the best option. I'd be tempted to rack off your cider into a fresh well cleaned barrel.

Im going to take a reading today.....I have a feeling that I dont have a perfect seal wround the top of the barrell and this could be a factor.  It may have simply finished and needed racki8ng off anyway.

Where Im goiung to put it all now becomes a problem......

Where Im goiung to put it all now becomes a problem......[/quote]
*proffers empty glass*

Thanks for the chat Bodger.  After speaking to a lovely lady from Wilkinsons, I have now to collect 2 pressure barrels and a fermentation vessel from St Austell tomorrow after 3pm.

Nice stuff it looks and what a price!  Thanks for the tip.

Just had a taste - not really vinegary - just sharp.  Tipped some sugar in - tiny bit of bubbles, and the reading is dead on 1000 so must be done and ready to rack off.  Guess what Im doing tomorrow night then?

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