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Having a sort out.

Now that Christmas is over and the house is soon to be ours again when all the relatives and children have moved out (again ) we are having yet another sort out to minimize the clutter.

Where do all your unwanted items end up?   In the attic, in the shed, freecycle, charity shops?

if its unwanted then its out the door,whether its freecycle or charity shop,occasinally i might hoard a bit in the shed and do a carboot but very rarely.

i try my best to recycle most things.......things that are ready to be thrown out, are usually put in the spare room for a while, ..........just in case they can be ' converted ' to something else....  once they have been in there, biding their time, for a couple of months, and not been recycled, they go off to the recycle banks outside Tesco's.

Ours go into one of Scotties "Safe Places".
Trouble is at a later date she can never remember where aforesaid places are.

Clothes and shoes go to salvation army bins. I give away what I can. We have a skip in the drive at the mo. We only have one of our brood at home (part time) now. We are in the very slow process of clearing about 25 years worth of clutter.

We dont have anything to throw out to be honist actually looking for stuff    mind if I ever have to go back to Cov anyone know of a charitable skip hire company  

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