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Martin has made the mistake of requesting novelty hats...........he will regret it

An owl hat was posted last week (which I forget to photograph ) and a panda is winging it's way to Switzerland as we speak.....

....he will be begging for me to stop before too long


Just had to say that I love it !  really made me smile  

Evidently there is no such thing as too many hats!!! Especially the cute ones you're making!  Please keep posting photos here!

love it as said post any more please. Must show this as would be great for our Grandsons'
chicken feed

 love it.

where did you get the patterns from ?....she asks with a plan in mind

I love it!  

chicken feed wrote:
 love it.

where did you get the patterns from ?....she asks with a plan in mind

It's a free download from the Ravelry site - you will probably have to join to view the link.

I have never tried intarsia before so it was another new technique.
I always adapt patterns so I used double black thread for the eyes to make them bolder and double black for the ears so that I didn't have to stuff them. Next time I would use a smaller size needle for the rib

Here are a few of the other hats that I have done in the past.....

The original owl hat that started it all off..

A pumpkin hat...

and one of my favourites and knitted many times....a Dead Fish Hat


Love them all especially the dead fish  

      love them thank you

I love wish I could knit. The owl is amazing aslo love the fish.

Love the dead fish too! (As well as the colours/design of the patterns on it). Those have to be a ton of fun to make!!

They're fave is the dead fish too .....I can't knit to a pattern to or well at all come to that

Here is the Ravelry link for the Deaf Fish hat - you can vary the pattern as you please

Hey Karen, its blinking cold here today, where's the bob hat draw been moved to ? I definitely need one.

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